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Zero Times Anything

Zero Times Anything

We learn in elementary school while doing our multiplication tables that even the largest of numbers multiplied by zero equals zero. This mathematical principle also shares some common bonds with a spiritual principle. So many times in life we dwell on the lack of things in our lives (the zero) as opposed to focusing on the things we have.  This is a negative spiritual principle that will leave us filled with nothingness.


I once read a survey that most people have no vision for the next decade. All they know is what they do not want. This negative vision of “what they do not want” unfortunately becomes the end result for their lives. The spiritual lesson we need to embrace is “pay attention to where your attention goes”.  If you are focused upon problems then all you will see is lack. II Kings 4:2 describes this concept: “Elisha asked her, ‘What can I do for you? Tell me, what do you have in the house?’ She said, “Your servant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.”


The widow in this verse could only see the problem (her lack). “I have nothing in my house”. She was encompassed by the nothingness of her situation. So many times this is our perspective when it comes to our relationships. We can’t see anything but past failures, mistakes, etc. Some people view their lives as nothingness because of insecurities, depression, lack of talent, and so on.  So what are we doing when we have this mindset? We are multiplying by zero! We need to replace the zero with an infinite number called faith!


Faith sees hope instead of hopelessness, abundance instead of lack, restoration instead of destruction, multiplication instead of division, and more instead of less. In this story, Elisha helped this woman focus on what she had- a pot of oil. Her attention shifted to what she had, and then God’s power flowed to multiply what she already possessed in order to meet her need. God doesn’t ask us “What do you lack?” He asks what Elisha asked the widow: “What do you have?”


God takes whatever “something” we give Him and He multiplies it. God takes the small things we offer Him and creates profound miracles in our lives. Jesus did it when he fed the five thousand with “two fish and five loaves”. When the lack of food was obvious, Jesus turned His attention to God and prayed. He didn’t turn to the disciples and say “man we are in trouble”.  No, He refused to multiply by zero. Shift your attention from the problem of zero to the possibilities of your faith. I’ve heard it said “where your attention goes, the power flows”. Multiply everything you do by the greatest factor of all- Christ!

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