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There You Are

There You Are

We’ve all seen it. We have all experienced it. You begin a conversation with someone and they quickly turn the spotlight on themselves. They become conversation hogs, quickly portraying themselves as the most important person in the room. You walk away from such an experience feeling like you just lost precious time that you can never get back.


Maybe you’ve not only experienced this, but have been guilty of it. I call people who behave this way “Here I Am” people. Everything revolves around them, what they are doing, eating, or working on; where they are going, how much money they make, what their problems are, etc. They leave nothing to the imagination because they are so self-absorbed that they truly believe everyone wants to know their personal status and story at all times. There’s one problem with this type of behavior… it leaves no positive impact. No one leaves the presence of a Here I Am person having been influenced in a good way.


Paul addresses this very concept in Philippians chapter 2, writing verses 3 & 4: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” I love this verse because Paul establishes a concept that we use often at Epicenter Church. Notice how Paul turns the “Here I Am” mindset into a into “There you Are” mindset. Paul is telling us as Christ followers not to be self-absorbed, but to be diligent in highlighting the value of others. In fact the original Greek, Paul conveys this message: “Do not jockey for position or try to prove your importance to others. Instead have a modest opinion of yourself, and learn to recognize the outstanding contributions that others have to impart.” How awesome is that?!

In other words we need to be on a daily all out offensive, a mission to recognize others.


There You Are people recognize and respond to the needs of others. Check out some of these examples:

When someone needs an encouraging word… give it.

When someone needs a person to talk to… be that person.

When your wife needs your undivided attention… stop what you are doing and lsiten.

When someone needs to be invited to church… ask them.

When your kids need a loving word…give it.

When a stranger needs help…involve yourself.


I challenge each of you to embrace this biblical principle. Look for ways to break through being a Here I Am person and become a There You Are person. We must always be about others. Only then will we make the greatest impact.


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