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New Shoes

New Shoes

We all love new things! Whether it’s a new car, a new house, a new outfit or a new baby. Think about all of the new things we bought for our friends and loved ones (and probably ourselves) on Black Friday or Cyber Monday! We love the incredible emotional thrill that comes with newness. A few years ago, our youngest son got a new pair of tennis shoes. These were not just any ordinary shoes. These were the kind that were supposed to, in his words, “make you run faster.” Now, whether they worked or not is a matter of opinion. But one thing I do know is the “newness” of those shoes made him feel good about himself.


Did you know God’s word teaches us that we can have this same feeling of newness in our lives? We can experience the emotional and spiritual perks of newness. According to God’s word you can become brand new. 2 Cor. 5:17 says “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” I love Paul’s words when he says “in Christ… all things have become new.” This is an all-inclusive statement “all things” – that includes every area of our lives. When Jesus explodes on the scene and infiltrates our lives He has one goal – transformation. Christ desires to transform your life from the inside out. He wants to take the old you and reconstruct a new you. He envelops us with grace and His grace gives us an extreme makeover. We become brand new!


When I read this passage of scripture it stirs two questions within me. First, in order for Jacob to discover the benefits of his new shoes he had to take off the old ones. Simply put, in order to embrace the new we have to let go of the old. What old ways do you need to let go? Attitudes? Habits? Language? Your past? Unforgiveness? Which of these things do you need to take off to allow God to do a new thing in your life? Just like it is impossible to wear two pairs of shoes simultaneously, it is impossible to embrace the new thing God is doing in you while trying to hold on to the old. He gives you new attitudes, new actions, new habits and a new heart.


That brings me to my second question. What new things does Christ want to do for you? What does He want to do in your marriage? What new things does He desire in your finances, with your kids, etc? God has a desire for you to put on your “new shoes” and run towards Him. It is in our pursuit of Him that we discover the new things He desires to do in us. His newness will make you faster and better than ever!

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