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Cleaning House

Cleaning House

As the holiday season is approaching, I’m sure that many of you are cleaning and organizing your houses in preparation for family and other guests. We’re doing the same thing at my house. Well, I guess I’m not, but my wife Kim is! Kim has incredible house keeping prowess! She daily keeps the house in tip-top shape. With three boys (four if you include me) it’s a never-ending job. There are times when we (boys) leave the house cluttered. She sweeps in, tidies up, and lectures us on the need to keep things picked up. And then we do it all over the next day!


What self respecting person would not want to keep their house as clean as possible? Constantly picking up, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, etc. All this to keep the environment clean and clutter free. My question is, do we use a similar technique when it comes to our spiritual lives. What area of your life needs to be cleaned? While maintaining a clean house is a worthy aspiration, we must understand that the house where we live is not God’s primary concern. He cares much more about the condition of the house where He lives: our heart.


God does not want to hang out amongst the clutter of our hearts. He so desires for us to make our hearts a place that is worthy of His dwelling. He wants to be the treasure of our hearts. Matt 6:21 tells us “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” God desires for us to work on keeping our hearts as clutter-free as possible. Free from the clutter of sin, complaining, jealousy, envy, anger and busyness. You can add anything you want to this list. These things are like dust balls and dirty plates, overflowing laundry, unmade beds, un-vacuumed floors, and sinks full of dishes. We need to get rid of these things to make room for His things!


If you are a “Christ Follower” then you bear Christ’s name at all times. Our heart is His house, we should care more that the place He dwells stays clean and uncluttered than we do for our own houses. We should daily keep his house clean! Prove to God that He is your treasure by taking care of your heart and putting Him first!

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