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Aha Moments

Aha Moments

As a family a few years ago we went to the mountains and rented a cabin. We arrived late into the evening, it was dark and the cabin was no different. No lights were left on inside. We went in and stumbled around, tripped and felt our way blindly through the dark abyss trying to find a light switch. Then it happened. We found it! It was an Aha moment! Let there be light. We finally could see and navigate safely around this cabin. This is the way my life was without Jesus! It was dark, I stumbled around looking for the light switch in my life. Then I found him and the light came on because the light came in!


Isaiah 49:6 says “I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.”In this verse, we see that Isaiah gives us a promise and a mandate. He promises that God will change our lives from the inside out. When Jesus the light of the world comes to live in us, our world changes, our perspective changes, and our desires change. We become heart transplant recipients. He gives us His heart. Through this incredible process we have multiple Aha moments. We become better fathers, husbands, wives, and friends because the light came in.


But with that promise comes a mandate: We are to actively pursue getting the name of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Some of you are reading this thinking “well that’s a missionary’s responsibility.” Well if you are a Christ follower, Jesus co-missioned you (Matt. 28:19) to go. He mandates that we share the light. You may not be called to share in Ecuador or Africa or Mexico, but you are called to share in your neighborhoods, workplaces, and school.


Every person deserves to hear the gospel! Maybe your neighbor needs someone to turn the light on in their house. Maybe a coworker needs someone to show them the light in their marriage. Maybe a friend needs to be invited to church. Whatever the case, answer the call and share the Light! Jesus will intersect your life with people who are walking in darkness and you have an opportunity to give them an “Aha moment” by showing them the light switch!


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